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Why Should I Use Williams & Hall?


First and foremost, the Moose Lake area is the best departure point into the wilderness area. Canoeists familiar with the BWCAW and the Quetico Park know that the most strategic starting point for their canoe trip is Moose Lake. Why?

  • More Canadian and Minnesota canoe routes are accessible from Moose Lake and we are only Ѕ mile from the BWCAW boundary and 5 miles from the Quetico Park.
  • The Canadian Ranger station at Prairie Portage, where all trips entering the southern part of Quetico Park must start, is conveniently located along your route. You can paddle directly to it without portaging, or take advantage of a motorized shuttle ride directly to the border.
  • The Moose Lake Chain is easily navigable. It does not start with a portage!
  • We are just minutes away from the Lake One, Snowbank, Ojibway and Wood Lake entry points. Depart from any of these entries and you have a variety of routes terminating at our Moose Lake base. You can paddle right back to our docks. We provide transportation to these, as well as all other entry points.
  • Overnight accommodations and meals are available at our lakeside lodge and dining room, as well as a sauna and showers.
  • You will be spared the nuisance and added expense of hauling your equipment to the starting point. You will save several hours and get further into the wilderness on your first day.

Second, with over 26 years of experience in outfitting and guiding wilderness travelers in the North Country, Williams and Hall has the expertise, facilities, and equipment to insure you a great trip.

Finally, personal service and enthusiasm. We love the BWCAW/Quetico and it shows! It shows from the minute you enter the Williams and Hall facility. It shows in the time we take to give you a full equipment orientation and it shows in the time we take to route your trip so that you will get exactly what you want out of your adventure.

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